Monday, December 14, 2009


Almost all the children have gone to their relatives to have Christmas with them. The first group left on Friday afternoon, and since then we are still taking more children to different parts of the country to be with their relatives. We believe that the last group will leave the mission station on Wednesday this week. CMU takes the responsibility of enabling that every child has reached where she/he is going and on that issue, Rev. Kalafa dropped two children to the Northern part of Uganda yesterday. These children's homeplace is the farthest of all the homes of our children.
However, as the other children were happy and excited that they were going home, three of our children do not have any relative to go to. We have tried and got them foster families where they can be staying until the rest come back. We pray that God will put his favour on them and they find peace, love and joy in those homes. We thank God for he has enabled us to care for these children well throughout this year. Thanks to our sponsors, partners, friends and well wishers for standing with us financially, spiritually, morally and in other ways. Your efforts have made CMU what it is. God bless you abundantly. We love you and pray for you.


Children and the staff at CMU enjoyed the Thursday afternoon and evening when they had a Christmas party at the mission station. There was a lot of joy whereby people enjoyed a lot of sweets, a lot of delicious food and drinks, wonderful games, Christmas carols and more entertainment from our own children and the invited guests from Commission International.
We had a big pig slaughtered for the children on that day and they had to eat the pork even on Friday. Some of the children received gifts for hard work most especially getting good grades at school and those who did the best in entertaining the guests. It was such a joyful day for the entire CMU and the invited guests, whereby every one was blessed. The party ended at around 8:00pm then the staff and the children made a camp fire at the station up to 10:30pm when they all went to sleep. We thank God for making that day a success and providing for us. We also thank every one that participated in which ever way to make the day a success. May God bless you and provide for you always.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CMU children got their holidays

All the children have got their holiday and most of them have improved on their performance compared to their last terms performance. They are happy to be home again.

This time is good for the staff and the children. Many activities are going on such as counseling, gardening, cookery, music and drama, watching and many more others. All these activities have kept our children busy and enables them to learn more. The holiday has also helped us, the staff to find out how the children behave and discipline those with bad behaviours. Children have got more time to read the Bible and fellowship together as a family. This holiday most of the children are disciplined, we hope and pray that they will keep it up.