Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanks to our Supporters

Welcome back our dear parents, Mummy Ruth and Daddy Kalafa. We are also grateful for all the support and the gifts that you brought for us, both the children and the staff.
Thanks to our supporters for the good hearts and for the good gifts that you offered to someone that you gave a reason to smile here in Uganda.
Everything that is done for these children and everyone for the growth of this mission is highly appreciated.
May God bless you and enlarge your territories!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We are worried of what may happen next.

Recently a number of people have been killed by lightening while others were seriously injured here in Uganda. The most affected group are the children especially while at school, though there are some adults that have been victims, too. One of the schools lost more than 19 pupils and amongst them a family lost their only four children in the same incident which was so sad. It is a serious situation that we cannot easily avoid and it is all over the country.
There has been different topics about the lightening, teaching people on how to avoid it. Among the ways of avoiding lightening, it is only putting on shoes whenever it is about to rain or it is raining that CMU can afford per say, apart from that others are not yet practical. Even the one for wearing shoes works only, when they are not sleeping because they cannot sleep with shoes on. So far the most effective one is having the Lightening arresters installed on all the buildings which is not yet on our budget especially that the costs of living are higher than before.
We are praying that God will make a way for us to have these children and ourselves lives in a safer place.
God bless the work of your hands.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We are affected by the inflation and the scarcity in the Uganda's economy.

We are going through hardships and financial constraints due to the increase in prices for all the goods and services.
Uganda has been affected by drought and hailstorms that spoiled most of the food crops which most people depend on. Because of that and many other reasons, the food prices went high and other services also hiked the prices. So far in a period of 6 months, most items prices have doubled if not trippled. The item's price can increase by 20% in one night which is so high.
The Uganda currency has lost value to the extent that we are almost spending the biggest percentage of the CMU funds on feeding children. For that matter we find ourselves having pending bills that are not paid.
We are trying gardening which we believe will be of help in the near future if all conditions remain favorable.
We pray that God will see us and Uganda as a country through this situation.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Freundes- und Patentag

Am 23. Juli fand unser Freundes- und Patentag statt. Pastor Mwase sprach morgens ueber die Geschichte von David und Goliath und wie Gott, das was in unseren menschlichen Augen unmoeglich erscheint, moeglich machen kann. Danach gab er einen ausfuehrlichen Bericht ueber CMU Uganda. Pastor Mwase ist der Sekretaer des ugandischen Vereins CMU und mitverantwortliche fuer das Geschehen im CMU Kinderheim.
Nachmittags wurde ein Dokumentarfilm ueber die Arbeit von CMU gezeigt und verschiedene Kurzzeitler, berichteten ueber ihre Eindruecke in Uganda.
Wir sind dankbar fuer diesen Tag und dass viele sich auf den Weg gemacht haben, um nach Rohrdorf zu kommen.

On 23rd July we had our Friends- and Sponsorsday in Germany, Rohrdorf. In the morning Pastor Mwase preached about the story of David and Goliath and how God makes possible what seems to be impossible through our human eye. After that he gave a detailed report about CMU Uganda. Pastor Mwase is the secretary of the ugandan NGO CMU and therefore also responsible about the happenings in CMU children's home.
In the afternoon we watched the new CMU documentary and several short termers and visitors gave their impressions about their work and stay in Uganda.
We are grateful for this day and that so many came to Rohrdorf to join us on this occassion.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Travelling to Germany

Greetings to you our beloved friends! We hope everything has been fine and we have been praying for you. We congratulate the family of our director upon a successful travel to Germany and wish our director (Daddy) and our NGO secretary, Mr. Mwase Godfrey a safe journey as they travel to join the rest of the CMU team members in Germany.
The staff and the children of CMU have sent with them a package of love and greetings from Uganda. (Olyotya? Agandi? Kopango? Oraaho? Kodeyo?)
We will continue to thank you for your daily support that enables us to run this children's home.
Danke, danke schoen!
God bless you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Children's Holiday

Most of the children had gone to be with their guardians over this school holiday and they are returning on 19th May 2011. Usually the CMU team members are very busy whenever the children are coming back and the weekend of 21st- 24th they will be preparing to go back to school for their studies.
We pray that God will provide for them and give them the wisdom throughout this new beginning term.
Thanks to every one that supports these children's education.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Children's Outing

(the date on the camera is not correct - sorry)

Thanks to Mick and Jill for the children's outing with the staff on 16th of April 2011.
It was fun at Wonder World in Kansanga-Kampala with the children, lots of games such as bumper cars, horse riding merry go-rounds, octopus swings and other swings.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secondary 4 Results (O-Level)

It's another blessing to see our children excelling academically and going to another level of education.
All the children that were in senior four last year have passed, Zuremu with 20 which is a super first grade, Martin and Lydia got good second grades and Agnes got a fourth grade.
These grades can allow them do different certificate courses or continue to high school to qualify for the tertiary education.
Thanks to everyone that has supported these children since they begun going to school up to now.
The next level they are going to is a bit harder and for that matter they will need more support in order to excel.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are grateful to our Lord God Almighty for our children whom he made to pass the primary leaving examinations that were done towards the end of last year.

The biggest number of our children were second grade and that qualifies them to join a secondary school. The best of all was Ayo with 15 points which is a super second grade and Kakembo with 16 points, followed by Ssematta with 18 points and the rest got third and forth grade.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We congraculate you upon finishing 2010 safely and welcome you to 2011 with lots of love and joy.

We pray that God in his mercies will grant you a happy and prosperous 2011.

The CMU staff is already at work and we begun yesterday, 4th January 2011.

We are all fine and we believe that God is also keeping you fine.

We are having a retreat that will begin on 6th January 2011 and end on 7th. Our theme is "Servanthood Leadership".

After the retreat we will plan to recieve back our children from their holiday and prepare them to begin a new school term.

Most of the children got christmas gifts and they are happy.

Thanks alot for your concern, prayers and contributions that you make in the lives of these children.

God bless you and Happy New Year!