Thursday, August 21, 2014


She traveled to Germany almost a month ago and she reached safely. Glory be to God for his safety and protection.
Thanks for the good reception and the way you have kept her for all this time she is there on official duties. she will be returning to CMU soon and we are praying for journey mercies and protection.
Mummy thanks for mothering so many in Uganda, young and old and Am sure it is not only in Uganda that you have mothered, even other countries have enjoyed your motherly love God bless you sooo.... much.
For you sponsors, most children are looking up on you and they treasure you so much that they want to know what is happening to you all the time. If you get any opportunity allow your child to have a oersonal relationship with you.
You are your child's prayer request every day especially during the CMU prayer time. Your little angel remembers to pray for you all the time.
Stay blessed.

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