Friday, March 13, 2015


Dear members, sponsors, stakeholders and well wisher!
I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ! It has been a while since we last communicated.
We had our three children Graduate from the University in December as well as January this year.
Agnes graduated with a diploma in social work and social Development, Sarah graduated with a bachelors degree in Social sciences and Florence graduated with a bachelors degree in statistics. This is a grate achievement to CMU since it was established in 2002.
Apart from the above children, other four children have finished their certificate courses and they are awaiting graduation which will take place soon.

Mean while our two senior six candidates passed their exams and they are also waiting to join the other two girls at the university. Among these two we have our first boy to join university from the first bunch of the children that CMU begun with. We are so excited to see him join the University.
Still on education we have three other children that we have hopes in that they will join University next year because they are doing their senior six this 2015.

More other children have joined advanced level while others are in their candidate classes waiting to join other level levels of education.   At least every child was able to go to another class if not another level.

The mission is doing well, Children have good health and the discipline is also good, Thanks to the great team that is working so hard to reach this.
We are very grateful to God for this success and to the sponsors and other supporters, May God continue to bless you.
We say Ebenezer. 

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